Event Series Star Wars Night

Star Wars Night

Star Wars: ArmadaStar Wars: LegionStar Wars: X-Wing open play

Every Thursday evening we host open Legion, X-Wing, and Armada gaming. There are no squad or fleet construction rules in particular, but 800 points is the generally accepted standard for Legion, with 20 for X-Wing, and 400 for Armada.

Event Series Thursday Night Armory

Thursday Night Armory

Flesh & Blood booster draft

Every Thursday we host an Armory tournament with store credit on the line, featuring booster drafts every other week, with the off-weeks alternating between Classic Constructed and Blitz. On months with five Thursdays, the final event of the month is not an official Armory event.

Event Series Adventurer’s Corner

Adventurer’s Corner

Dungeons & Dragons RPG adventure

Every Tuesday and Thursday we host community-organized D&D games. Some are episodic, some are full-length campaigns. Some may use Adventurer's League rules or potentially even older editions. In any event, players may drop in and out of any campaign as they please. Advance registration is required, but is easily accomplished through the detailed schedule of […]

Event Series Friday Night Magic

Friday Night Magic

Magic: the Gathering Commander open play

Every Friday we host games of Commander, with players split into manageable multiplayer games. We have the room divided into casual, mid- to high-power, and cEDH sections for ease of matching players with appropriate opponents, but players can ask staff for help finding an appropriate pod if they aren't sure how to go about it. […]