The Storming of Starpike

Redcap’s participates in–or has pioneered–a number of annual events: Tabletop Day, Seelie Court, and Libertyhammer, just to name a few. This May we’re adding a new annual event to our calendar, however, and we’re doing so in support of a game we’ve historically not explored too thoroughly. Thanks to the organizational efforts of Roy Rogers, we’re pleased to announce Redcap’s Corner’s first major tournament for the Game of Thrones living card game: the Storming of Starpike! The winner of this event will receive free entry into the US National Championships held in Seattle this June, and if things go well we’ll be running this event for years to come. At only $15, and with Redcap’s convenient Philadelphia location, we hope to attract Game of Thrones players from all over. See you all May 6th!

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Published by Benn Roe

Benn Roe is an avid gamer, and one of the owners of Redcap's Corner. His current go-to game is Smash Up.

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