A Very Special Netrunner Regionals

We’re pleased to announce that we’re hosting Netrunner regionals for the fifth year in a row, and tickets are now on sale! This year, however, we’ve also been invited by Fantasy Flight to take part in a special side event called Cache Refresh, available only to six or so stores in the country. The main event takes place on Saturday, June 17th, with the final rounds for that event taking place simultaneously with the side event on Sunday, June 18th. Details regarding the side event will be published soon, but entry is included with your registration for the main event on day one, and it’s open only to participants in Saturday’s regional championship. We have also significantly sweetened the pot for this year’s regionals with additional prizes from a ton of other prize kits from the last year or two. Stay tuned to our Instagram and Facebook over the next few weeks for pictures of the prize payouts for each placement!

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Published by Benn Roe

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