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Game of Thrones Store Championship Rescheduled

This Saturday’s Game of Thrones store championship has been rescheduled for February 24th. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, but was unfortunately unavoidable. Anyone with January 20th specifically earmarked for this event should consider playing in 7th Dimension‘s store championship in Jenkintown, and hopefully joining us next month for ours too. Thanks!

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Game of Thrones Game Days

Those of you who attended the Storming of Starpike this past spring saw first-hand how successful Game of Thrones events in Philadelphia can be. For all the Game of Thrones LCG fans out there, we’re pleased to announce that Roy (the organizer who handled the Storming of Starpike) has agreed to run quarterly tournaments at […]

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The Storming of Starpike

Redcap’s participates in–or has pioneered–a number of annual events: Tabletop Day, Seelie Court, and Libertyhammer, just to name a few. This May we’re adding a new annual event to our calendar, however, and we’re doing so in support of a game we’ve historically not explored too thoroughly. Thanks to the organizational efforts of Roy Rogers, […]

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