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Dominaria Preorder News!

We have been taking preorders on Dominaria booster boxes for a few weeks now, but I wanted to share some exciting news for those considering preordering. For this set (and possibly going forward), preordered boxes will be available to be picked up at the prerelease, along with their corresponding buy-a-box promo. The really interesting thing […]

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Ixalan Draft Weekend

This Sunday we’ll be running two booster draft timeslots as normal (1:00 PM and 5:00 PM), but every participant will get a promo copy of Bishop of Rebirth (while supplies last) to celebrate the release of Ixalan! It’s a new card with a powerful effect to top off an extremely fun-looking draft format.

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Filming at Ixalan Prerelease

Nate Holt of Walking the Planes will be filming at Redcap’s during the Saturday prerelease. He’s specifically looking for players to talk about how merfolk, vampires, pirates, and dinosaurs will impact Standard. Want to chime in? Show up Saturday and let him know what you think!

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