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Commander 2017 Release Event

Commander 2017 releases to the public on Friday the 25th, and we’re running an event the following evening to celebrate! Admission is $40 and gets each player the Commander 2017 deck of his or her choice, to play in a single game against players with the other new decks. We’ll try to organize games featuring […]

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Hour of Devastation Starts Tonight!

Beginning at midnight tonight we’ll be running Hour of Devastation prereleases all weekend. We have the following events going on, and you can sign up online or in-store now: July 7th at midnight: single-player sealed deck July 8th at noon: two-headed giant sealed deck July 8th at 5PM: single-player sealed deck July 9th at noon: […]

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Modern Comes to FNM

Our Friday Night Magic constructed format has been in flux since April, as we ended our long-running Standard event due to languishing turnouts. For April through June we tried Frontier, but the experimental format proved to be just as unpopular. One thing that has remained consistent for years is just how popular our Modern tournaments […]

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