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Filming at Ixalan Prerelease

Nate Holt of Walking the Planes will be filming at Redcap’s during the Saturday prerelease. He’s specifically looking for players to talk about how merfolk, vampires, pirates, and dinosaurs will impact Standard. Want to chime in? Show up Saturday and let him know what you think!

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Celebrate Ixalan in Costume!

The Ixalan prerelease is fast approaching, with many cards from the new set already spoiled. We’re running a midnight event, as well as both single-player sealed and two-headed giant events on Saturday and the same again on Sunday. Ixalan is a brand new setting for Magic, and we wanted to celebrate by trying something new, […]

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Commander 2017 Release Event

Commander 2017 releases to the public on Friday the 25th, and we’re running an event the following evening to celebrate! Admission is $40 and gets each player the Commander 2017 deck of his or her choice, to play in a single game against players with the other new decks. We’ll try to organize games featuring […]

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