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From the Vault: Angels

Magic players, we still have a few copies of From the Vault: Angels for sale at each store, but in case they’re gone by the time you make it in, I have good news! We’ve saved a few copies to use as Friday Night Magic incentives. Both tonight and next Friday the 28th, we’ll be […]

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Congratulations Jack Wang!

For winning our Philadelphia Legacy Series tournament on Saturday! In addition to a mountain of store credit, Jack won two byes for Eternal Weekend this August. He battled through the Swiss rounds and Top 8 with an unusual Ad Nauseam Tendrils list running three copies of Sensei’s Divining Top. Check out the links below for […]

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Want to Learn to Draft Like a Pro?!

Then join us next Thursday, May 7th! Magic Pro Trey Van Cleave will be around all day to help players get prepared for Grand Prix Atlantic City and will be playing in the Thursday night Penn Magic Club draft (it’s open to anyone who wants to play) at 7PM. Want to watch his stream? Of […]

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