Clutch Baseball 2017 Inaugural Tournament Later This Month!

On September 30th we’re hosting an event for a relatively new TCG called Clutch Baseball. This tournament is being run by the publisher of the game, and is (to my knowledge) the game’s first major tournament since publication. For more information, you can check the publisher’s blog here. This game is unlike any other TCG you’ve played, convincingly simulating the excitement and action of a baseball game using real-life player stats in combination with unique tabletop mechanics. If you’re interested in learning to play, we have a few demo decks available at the store, which you can check out, and the publisher will be selling boosters the day of the event. If we see enough demand during the Inaugural Tournament, we’ll happily add Clutch Baseball to our roster of quality TCGs!

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Published by Benn Roe

Benn Roe is an avid gamer, and one of the owners of Redcap's Corner. His current go-to game is Smash Up.

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