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Guilds of Ravnica Prerelease


At the prerelease, Magic players are able to open boosters of the new Guilds of Ravnica expansion a week before its release, and play with the cards before they’re even out. Players are provided with the boosters necessary to play as part of their admission. Each player builds his or her deck using the five boosters of Guilds of Ravnica and one seeded guild-specific booster provided. For two-headed giant events, each player must select a partner, with whom he or she instead builds two decks using the ten boosters of Guilds of Ravnica and two seeded guild-specific boosters provided. Players must select their first and second choices for guilds, and we will do our best to honour them, but we cannot guarantee a particular guild (even second choice), especially as we draw closer to the end of the weekend. More popular guilds definitely run the risk of selling out early. Prereleases use Regular REL and have a Planeswalker Points multiplier of x1. Please see the schedule below for information about each individual event.

Friday 9/28 @ midnight: single-player sealed tournament
Saturday 9/29 @ noon: two-headed giant sealed tournament
Saturday 9/29 @ 5pm: single-player sealed tournament
Sunday 9/30 @ noon: two-headed giant sealed tournament
Sunday 9/30 @ 5pm: single-player sealed tournament

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September 29, 2018
12:00 AM - 5:00 AM
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Format Name
Sealed Tournament
Prize Support
For single-player events, players with a 4-0 record get 10 boosters of Guilds of Ravnica, players with a 3-0-1 record get 8 boosters of Guilds of Ravnica, players with a 3-1 record get 6 boosters of Guilds of Ravnica, and all other players get 1 booster of Guilds of Ravnica; for two-headed giant events, teams with a 3-0 record get 14 boosters of Guilds of Ravnica, teams with a 2-0-1 record get 10 boosters of Guilds of Ravnica, teams with a 2-1 record get 6 boosters of Guilds of Ravnica, and all other teams get 2 boosters of Guilds of Ravnica
For single-player events, four 50-minute Swiss rounds; for two-headed giant events, three 50-minute Swiss rounds


Redcap’s Corner


Powelton Village
3850 Lancaster Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19104 United States
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(215) 387-4040

Who's Attending

138 people are attending Guilds of Ravnica Prerelease

  • Joseph McDowell
  • Andrew Winston
  • David Freifelder
  • Bradlee Langdon
  • Jacob Gross
  • Gage Poljak
  • Roy Rogers
  • Alexander Sena
  • Mark Webb
  • Andrew Niedermeier
  • Nate Weinberg
  • Jackson Williams
  • Matt Macer
  • John Scherrer
  • Suyog Bobhate
  • Mike Knowles
  • Ana Acosta
  • Zachary Kirkessner
  • Robert Poirier
  • Tyler Adams
  • Khari McClary
  • Charles Andersen
  • Jonathan Vedro
  • David Saks
  • Justin Campbell
  • John Gastaldo
  • Nicolas Turano
  • Christopher Schiller
  • Luis Gomez
  • Benjamin Marcus
  • Will McGeorge
  • Derek Rundell
  • Brenda Dluhy
  • Pedro Bernardinelli
  • Steven Pellegrino
  • Abraham Bejarano
  • Dominic Torres
  • Liam Hynes
  • Dayana Melendez
  • Nicholas Santini
  • Ryan Morfei
  • Ben Loeb
  • Christopher Xi
  • Nicholas McDowell
  • Timofei Saranov
  • Zachary Brodnik
  • Austin Herrick
  • Jon Kennedy
  • Christopher Johnson
  • Michael Ward
  • Dan Tran
  • Brian Novitski
  • Alex Yaroslavskiy
  • Michael McAneny-Binetsky
  • Damian Smoter
  • Mike Horwitz
  • Jamieson Wade
  • Christopher Snyder
  • Garret Hodos
  • Hafiz Muhammad
  • Owen Spencer
  • Sam McGuire
  • Daniel Casullo
  • Stevi Guzman
  • Taylor Campbell
  • Stoytcho Nechev
  • Perry Chung
  • Maxwell Serota
  • Raj Patel
  • Emmett Neyman
  • Daniel Consiglio
  • Delaney Mathews
  • staci steinfeld
  • Brian Hood
  • Leo Berg
  • Bryan Navitski
  • Nicholas Witmer
  • Jacob Hoffman
  • Phoenix Strouse
  • nedim oconnor
  • David Goodman
  • Phillip Cooke
  • Ian Proud
  • Brian York
  • Adam Mohamed
  • Christopher Stoeffel
  • Wade Kirkpatrick
  • keith jones
  • Casey Whitman
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