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Toshi Ranbo Stronghold #2

July 1, 2018 @ 1:00 PM - 9:30 PM


This July we’re hosting part two of the Toshi Ranbo season of Legend of the Five Rings Stronghold tournament series. All players compete in the same event, and each player must bring a dynasty deck and a conflict deck constructed using the Legend of the Five Rings Deck Building Rules. This event will be run at the Relaxed tournament tier.


Redcap’s Corner
3850 Lancaster Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19104 United States
(215) 387-4040


Francis Mercier


Conflict Tournament
Early Opening Time
11:00 AM
Prize Support
The winner gets a plastic Dragon Clan-themed Imperial Favor card, the top 2 players get an extended art Ancestral Lands card, the top 4 players get a set of acrylic fate tokens and a code card, the top 32 players get an extended art Outwit card, the top finisher from each clan gets a clan-specific extended art card, and one random player gets an extended art Ancestral Lands card
60-minute Swiss rounds based on attendance, potentially cutting to top 4 or 8 based on attendance

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