Friday Night Magic

Magic: the Gathering Commander open play

Every Friday we host games of Commander, with players split into manageable multiplayer games. If you have a preference for more casual or more competitive opponents, please ask us and we will try to place you accordingly!


Sunday Drafternoon

Magic: the Gathering booster draft

Every Sunday afternoon we host a Magic: the Gathering booster draft, separating players into pods of as close to eight players as possible.

Recurring Event Marvel Monday

Marvel Monday

Marvel: Crisis Protocol open play

Every Monday evening we host open Crisis Protocol gaming. Standard ten-character rosters are recommended, but players should feel free to agree on variants with their opponents.

Monday Night Modern

Magic: the Gathering Modern tournament

Every Monday we host a Modern tournament with store credit on the line.

Recurring Event Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder RPG adventure

Every Tuesday evening we host games of Pathfinder Society. Advance registration is required, but is easily accomplished through the detailed schedule of upcoming events found here. Players can use any Pathfinder Society character at this event (of appropriate level for their table), or at their option use a pre-generated character. For low-level tables, players can […]

Recurring Event 40K Night

40K Night

Warhammer 40,000 open play

Every Tuesday evening we host open Warhammer 40,000 gaming. There are no army construction rules in particular, but 2,000 points is the generally accepted standard.

Tuesday Night Pauper

Magic: the Gathering Pauper tournament

Every Tuesday we host a Pauper tournament with store credit on the line.


Tuesday Night Legacy

Magic: the Gathering Legacy tournament

Every Tuesday we host a Legacy tournament with store credit on the line.