Star Trek: Attack Wing

Attack Wing is a fast-paced tactical combat miniatures game, featuring collectible figures based on the Star Trek Universe. Utilizing the FlightPath™ maneuver system, players command their fleets in epic combat & customize their ships with equipment, weapons, special abilities and more!

Open Play: Tuesdays at 6PM at the Powelton Village location
Tournaments: Usually two tournaments on the same day once per month at the Powelton Village location

  • Unless a Fleet consists exclusively of Ships, Captains, an Admiral (if any), and Upgrades (if any) from a single Faction (plus up to one Faction-neutral Resource), the following rules apply:
    • Each Fleet must contain a minimum of three Ships.
    • A Ship with a base cost of 42 Structure Points or lower can cost no more than 50 SP including its Captain, Admiral (if any), Upgrades (if any), and Resource (if any).
    • A Ship with a base cost of 43 Structure Points or higher can be fielded with a Captain, Admiral, Upgrades, and Resource with a combined total of up to 8 SP.
  • Before the start of the tournament, each player must record his or her Fleet composition on a Fleet Build Sheet. A player cannot change any of the details of his or her Fleet at any point during the tournament.
  • At the end of each round, each player earns Fleet Points equal to 120 minus the number of Structure Points in his or her opponent’s surviving Fleet.
  • Games are played on a 3’x3′ play area.
  • Games utilize all FAQs, errata, and additional rules found here and here, including the rules for Resources (and retirement thereof).