Celebrate Ixalan in Costume!

The Ixalan prerelease is fast approaching, with many cards from the new set already spoiled. We’re running a midnight event, as well as both single-player sealed and two-headed giant events on Saturday and the same again on Sunday. Ixalan is a brand new setting for Magic, and we wanted to celebrate by trying something new, so I’m pleased to announce that for every single prerelease slot, we’ll be running a Magic and Ixalan-themed costume contest with Ixalan product on the line! Got a dinosaur or pirate costume you’ve been meaning to wear out? Or maybe you have a Jace Beleren costume for which you’ve yet to find an occasion? Any Ixalan-relevant or Magic-relevant costume is fair game! We’re going to give away an Ixalan “the Bundle” for the winning cosplayer of each prerelease event, and an entire Ixalan booster box for the winner overall (prizes available the following Friday). We’ll be announcing judging details in a few weeks, but we wanted to announce the contest now to give everyone plenty of time to get costumes together. Even if you lose, you’ll look awesome doing it, so get sewing!

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Published by Benn Roe

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