Last Week’s Store Modern Meta

It looks like Burn, Grixis Delver, and Goryo’s Vengeance won the day at the last Monday Night Modern. Now the question is who will take the top spots at the Grand Prix Trial this Saturday? The GPT for Vegas starts at noon, and I am excited to announce that we will be running 8 person side drafts of Modern Masters 2017 all day on demand. The drafts will be single elimination with the top two finishers in each pod winning prizes. First place in each pod will receive either three MM17 packs or entry to another MM17 draft held on the same day. Second place finishers in each pod will receive one pack of MM17. Saturday should be pretty hopping, so if you get eliminated from the GPT early, you’ll be able to draft this sweet new set.

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Published by Kris

Kris is a gamer and educator who is the events manager at Redcap's Corner. They are an avid EDH player, and their latest board game obsession is New Angeles.

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