So Many Magic Events!!

Last weekend we ran a ton of Modern Masters 2017 drafts, which went really well, and we plan to keep up that momentum with a packed schedule of Magic events this Spring and Summer. Here’s what’s coming up!

While supplies last, we’ll be offering Modern Masters 2017 as an option for our normal Powelton Village Sunday drafts, for $35, with our normal draft prize support.

On April 1st, we’re running a Modern Grand Prix Trial for GP: Vegas for $10 at our Powelton Village store. This will be the final in-store GPT held at Redcap’s Corner! From now on GPTs will be held only in conjunction with Grand Prix events themselves. We’ll also be running Modern Masters drafts as a side event for $32, with pods firing as they fill.

Beginning April 7th and running through at least the end of May we’re replacing our Powelton Village Friday Night Magic Standard tournaments with Frontier tournaments. For those unfamiliar, Frontier is an unofficial non-rotating format designed to occupy the space between Modern and Standard, featuring all core sets and standard expansions beginning with Magic 2015 (currently Magic 2015, Khans of Tarkir block, Magic Origins, Battle For Zendikar block, Shadows Over Innistrad block, and Kaladesh block). This is a trial run to see what our customers prefer, so please let us know what you think of the change!

Also beginning April 7th, our Cedar Park Friday Night Magic will be changing to casual open Magic play, to reflect the needs of our customers in that area.

On April 15th, our Cedar Park location will be participating in the Amonkhet Open House. This is a casual event, during which customers can learn to play Magic or just come to play a few games. Participants each receive a foil promo full-art Amonkhet basic land.

Well be running the Amonkhet prerelease April 21st through 23rd, kicking off at our Powelton Village store with a sealed event at midnight the night of April 21st. Powelton Village will have an additional sealed event and two-headed giant sealed event on both Saturday and Sunday of that weekend, and Cedar Park will have a single mid-day sealed event on April 22nd. Each prerelease event is $30 per person.

The following weekend we’ll be running drafts for $15 in conjunction with Amonkhet Draft Weekend. Our normal Powelton Village Sunday draft will be part of this promotion on April 30th, and we’ll be running a special release weekend draft at our Cedar Park location on April 29th. Players will get an exclusive alternate art promo just by playing in one of these drafts.

Beginning May 6th, we’ll be running Standard Showdown for $5 on Saturdays at our Powelton Village store, so Standard fans will only have a month between our FNM change and Redcap’s launch of this program. Standard Showdown gives players the opportunity to win exclusive booster packs that feature rares, mythic rares, and foils from a combination of all Standard-legal sets.

On May 20th, Standard Showdown will be replaced with Amonkhet Game Day for $10 at our Powelton Village location, and we’ll be running a more casual Game Day for free at Cedar Park on Sunday, the 21st. Game Day is a Standard event with full-frame alternate-art promos as prizes.

Finally, on June 11th we’ll be running a sealed Regional Pro Tour Qualifier at our Powelton Village location. This event is open only to players who have received an invitation based on their Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier performance, but we’ll also be running a Last Chance PPTQ on June 10th and a PPTQ for the following Pro Tour season as a side event on the 11th (beginning later in the day), the former sealed and the latter Standard (NOTE: This is an update to the blog; the PPTQ side event was originally listed as sealed, but we just don’t have enough hours in the day to run a competitive sealed event that starts at 2:00 PM).

Get your deck ready!

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