Event Series 40K Night

40K Night

Warhammer 40,000 open play

Every Tuesday evening we host open Warhammer 40,000 gaming. There are no army construction rules in particular, but 2,000 points is the generally accepted standard.

Event Series Board Game Night

Board Game Night

Board Games open play

Every Wednesday we host open board gaming, for players of all experience levels and interests! Participants should feel free to bring their own games or take advantage of our extensive board game library.

Event Series Star Wars Night

Star Wars Night

Star Wars: ArmadaStar Wars: LegionStar Wars: X-Wing open play

Every Thursday evening we host open Legion, X-Wing, and Armada gaming. There are no squad or fleet construction rules in particular, but 800 points is the generally accepted standard for Legion, with 20 for X-Wing, and 400 for Armada.

Event Series Thursday Night Armory

Thursday Night Armory

Flesh & Blood Classic Constructed tournament

Every Thursday we host an Armory tournament with store credit on the line, featuring rotating formats chosen by community members on our Discord server. If you want to chime in on which formats you'd like to play, use this invite code https://discord.gg/4DFpmmd, and check in with us at the beginning of each month to vote.