Conspiracy Release Events

During the weekend of August 26th to 28th we’re running a number of release events to celebrate Conspiracy: Take the Crown. To kick things off Friday night, we’re running a draft with three boosters of the new set at our Cedar Park store. This event is limited to 16 players and will use the official […]

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ATTN: Everyone Who Has a Redcap’s Gift Card

On Monday, March 28th, we are switching our gift cards over from our old credit card processor to Square, which means we’ll finally be able to accept and disseminate gift cards at any counter (including off-site events). This is great news for everyone, and we’re hoping to ultimately extend this functionality to our website too, […]

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Wave 8 X-Wing Ships Back in Stock at Both Locations!

We have restocks of all the new wave 8 X-Wing ships! The Ghost (Rebels), Inquisitor’s TIE (Imperial), Mist Hunter (Scum), and Punishing One (Scum) are all available at both locations again!

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