Seelie Court and the RSP

It’s an exciting time for Pathfinder Society at Redcap’s! Right now we’re taking sign-ups for 2017’s Seelie Court, one of our two annual weekend-long PFS conventions, taking place May 12th to 14th. There are eight slots, and players can buy tickets to a single day or the entire weekend, an arrangement that should suit any weekend schedule. Players and GMs can earn special boons for their characters just by playing!

And on top of that, our regular Tuesday night Pathfinder Society games are now part of Paizo’s newly-revised Regional Support Program. That means that players can now earn special boons for their characters by playing at any of our Tuesday night PFS games too! Additionally, each time a GM runs a session at our night or any other RSP game day (such as at Compleat Strategist, for instance), he or she makes progress toward unlocking rewards on a special GM boon for the season.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks for the announcement of the date for this year’s summer Aid Another, and April’s PFS schedule should be live on Warhorn in the next day or two.

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