We offer membership plans at three different price points, the details of which can be found below. Each member receives a gift card emblazoned with a unique barcode, which should be presented whenever the member makes a purchase or wishes to utilize a membership benefit. Memberships are charged automatically (using a credit card on file) by the 5th of each month, and can be canceled at any time, effective the 1st of the following month.


Silver $5/month

Deal of the Week: Silver members receive an email every Monday afternoon, featuring the details of a members-only deal for the week (beginning the same day). These deals rotate between the four major genres of gaming we support (board games, card games, miniatures games, and roleplaying games) and fluctuate between larger specific discounts and smaller, more general ones.

Gold $15/month

Gold members receive all the silver member benefits, plus the following.

10% Back: On the first weekday of each month, we award store credit to each gold member equal to 10% of all product purchases (not events, programs, or services) made by that member during the previous month, except those made with store credit.

½-Price Locker: Gold members can add a small locker to their membership for $4/month, or a large locker for $6/month.

Additional Terrain: Gold members have access to some additional members-only wargaming terrain, used only otherwise during tournaments.

Deck Library: Gold members have access to a small (but growing) library of TCG decks they can borrow to use at Redcap’s Corner. At present, these decks are all Standard Magic: the Gathering decks, but as demand grows, so will our library.

Roleplaying Accessories: Gold members have access to a small (but growing) collection of roleplaying maps and miniatures they can borrow to use at Redcap’s Corner.

Platinum $25/month

Platinum members receive all the gold member benefits, plus the following.

10% Off Events: Platinum members receive 10% off the admission cost to any event that doesn’t require sealed boosters to play.

20% Back: Platinum members get 20% of their purchases back each month instead of 10%, with the same restrictions.

Free Locker: Platinum members get a complimentary locker.