Star Wars: Legion Preorders!

Interested in Star Wars: Legion? (Click here if you’re not sure.) Until our close-of-day on February 25th, we’re taking pre-paid preorders for wave 1 and 2 Star Wars: Legions product. Below is a list of what’s available, along with the standard retail price we’re charging for each, but keep reading to find out about options for preordering at a lower price.

Wave One (releases March 22nd)
Star Wars: Legion core set / $90
Dice Pack / $15
Movement Tools & Range Ruler / $15
Rebel Troopers (Rebel Alliance) / $25
AT-RT (Rebel Alliance) / $25
T-47 Airspeeder (Rebel Alliance) / $30
Stormtroopers (Galactic Empire) / $25
74-Z Speeder Bikes (Galactic Empire) / $25
AT-ST (Galactic Empire) / $50

Wave Two
Leia Organa (Rebel Alliance) / $13
Fleet Troopers (Rebel Alliance) / $25
General Veers (Galactic Empire) / $13
Snowtroopers (Galactic Empire) / $25

We’re taking preorders on all of the above at the listed prices, but anyone who preorders the core set while also signing up as a subscriber for either Rebel Alliance releases, Galactic Empire releases, or both, will get the normal 10%-off subscriber discount on their entire preorder (including the core set). Additionally, anyone who preorders at least one core set and at least one of every wave one release from at least one faction gets 10% off their entire preorder. The best part? These two discounts stack for a total potential savings of 20% for subscribers who preorder the core set while pre-paying for all their wave one subscriptions. And remember, you get the discount on your entire preorder, so even if you were looking to pick up the core set, and two copies of every other release from both waves 1 and 2, you’d get 20% off for also being a subscriber (for the record, that would come to $529.60 before tax, but you’d be saving over $130).

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