Star Wars Store Championships!

For the 2017 season, we will be running store championships at our Powelton Village location for four of Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars games: Armada, Destiny, Imperial Assault, and X-Wing. All four events are up on our calendar with tickets available, so feel free to reserve your spot today!

May 20th: Star Wars: X-Wing
June 24th: Star Wars: Destiny
July 22nd: Star Wars: Imperial Assault
August 5th: Star Wars: Armada

For those of you gearing up to play, we have a big Armada restock and a little X-Wing restock coming in today, and we will be receiving a decent amount of the second Star Wars: Destiny expansion Spirit of Rebellion for its May 4th (and a happy Star Wars Day to you) release date, with the much awaited reprint of Awakenings coming in June!

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