X-Wing Second Edition Is Coming!

Earlier this week Fantasy Flight announced Star Wars: X-Wing’s second edition, so to celebrate International Star Wars Day we thought we’d share some information about how Redcap’s will be supporting the edition change, and help clear up some misinformation about the changeover, much of which has taken sprout in the wake of a relatively scattered announcement.

First of all, beginning today we will be taking preorders on all wave one second edition product at the maximum advertisable discount of 20% off. This wave includes a new core set, repackagings of the dice and maneuver dial upgrade kits, conversion kits for the three current factions, and two resculpted and repackaged ships from each of those factions. Perhaps more interestingly, though, we also plan to break up conversion kits in-house and sell them piecemeal to help everyone end up with the right number of dials for their collections. We’ll be taking preorders on individual ship upgrade kits sometime in the next few weeks, so stay tuned. The new edition seems to solve all of the major problems with the gameplay of the previous one, but many players are concerned about the cost associated with transitioning to the new edition, and we’re going to do our best to mitigate those problems. We will also be immediately discounting the original sculpts of the six ships releasing with wave one.

Next, I want to make sure everyone is armed with the necessary facts to make their way into the new edition. Here’s what’s important:

  • Among other things, the core set will contain new templates and a new damage deck, both necessary to play the game. For those looking to avoid this purchase, the movement templates are the same size as those found in first edition, but the new versions feature lines down their middles that will help facilitate in-game actions such as barrel rolls. In casual games, first edition templates and solid eyeballing will likely be fine, but at structured events the new templates will likely be necessary. Likewise, there is an additional damage deck option, the announced T-65 X-Wing Damage Deck. We have confirmatiom that these decks will be available to customers who preorder product through Redcap’s, though they haven’t yet released information to us about the delivery method. Anybody who preorders any second edition product before we know how we’re supposed to distribute these decks will be contacted with options once we have them, but it’s important to note that these damage decks are full-size and may not tuck as easily under ship cards to represent actual damage. The dice remain unchanged between editions.
  • There are at least two new factions: the First Order and the Resistance from the most recent trilogy are separating from the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance. Having more factions is very good for the metagame, but it does mean that there will be five conversion kits out there by the end of the second wave.
  • Each conversion kit will contain all the maneuver dials, ship cards, tokens, and upgrade cards to convert at least two copies of every first edition ship from that faction. Some ships, like TIE Fighters, will receive support for as many as four copies. Important to note, though, is that these kits will also include new medium-sized bases for many of the bigger small-base and smaller large-base ships from the previous edition, and that “veterans”-style packs won’t be covered by these kits (though they can still be piloted as the normal versions of those ships). The full list of which ships (and how many of each) are being supported can be found under the FAQ tab here. Remember that we’ll also be selling piecemeal upgrade kits to help new players and players with bigger collections.
  • Every first edition ship (though, again, not the “veterans” boxes) will eventually get resculpted or otherwise rereleased, and in some cases the resculpting may be relatively important, as this edition appears to have a bigger focus on moving parts to represent in-game effects.
  • The new edition has removed points costs and upgrade slots from all cards, and will instead feature a free Squad Builder app and website that will manage those design elements and make list-building for a variety of formats extremely easy to manage. This is being done to streamline the list-building process while simultaneously allowing Fantasy Flight to fix balance isssues in realtime, but it also enables the exciting prospect of both official and homebrew formats that might feature non-standard options or even have restrictions on which ships can be fielded.

I hope that clears up some confusion, and helps to arm everyone for what looks to be a huge improvement on an already incredible game system. We want to make sure the transition is as seamless as possible for X-Wing veterans. Redcap’s will also be fully supporting second edition organized play, and will have access to the final first edition prize kits, which will feature some amount of second edition support. Stay tuned for details on how we plan to implement those!

May the fourth be with you.

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