Announcing Membership Programs!

Well, I’ve been talking about them off-and-on for years, but they’re finally here: Redcap’s Corner now offers membership programs! There are three tiers, a $5 per month level (“silver”), a $15 per month level (“gold”), and a $25 per month level (“platinum”). The silver level is pretty basic: you get a weekly deal emailed to you. That deal is good all week long, as many times as you’d like, but is valid for members only. Sometimes those deals will be relatively specific, and sometimes they’ll be more general, but we will make sure that every month features at least one deal from each of our major categories of gaming (board games, card games, miniatures games, and roleplaying games). At the gold and platinum levels, you get the same weekly deals, but you also get a percentage of your purchases back in the form of store credit (10% for gold, 20% for platinum), reduced price lockers (50% off for gold, free for platinum), and a variety of other tangible benefits, such as the ability to borrow Magic decks to use in-store, the ability to borrow maps and minis for in-store RPGs, and members-only terrain for miniatures games. Platinum members even get a 10% discount on most events! Check out the membership program page for full details, but this program goes into effect beginning July 1st! Sign up by the 5th to get in on the first month!

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