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We’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about what’s to become of the events we currently run at our Cedar Park store, and I can’t properly update our calendar until I know for certain when the store is actually closing, so I thought I’d try to dispel confusion with a blog post. Wish me luck on my caster level check, as it’s at least DC 18.

As we’re no longer open at Cedar Park on Mondays, Monday Heroclix has already made the move to Powelton Village, along with our Heroclix inventory. We’re expecting the new Avengers/Defenders War boosters in today.

Women/Trans/Femmes Magic night on Tuesdays and LGBTQAI board game night on Thursdays will make the move to Powelton Village once the Cedar Park store closes, though details are still in the works.

D&D Adventurer’s League will be moving to Powelton Village in June, and simultaneously moving from Wednesdays to Thursdays, but will otherwise remain the same.

Friday Night Magic will be absorbed by our existing FNM framework at Powelton Village, likely beginning in June.

Sunday board games will likely be cancelled with the store closing, but may move to Saturday evenings at Powelton Village instead.

Pokémon league will be temporarily cancelled when the Cedar Park store closees while we regroup and figure out how to best move forwrd with Pokémon programming.

If you have any further questions or requests, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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