New Products and Restocks: 11/12 to 11/18/2018

Here’s this week’s list of high profile new products and restocks (on sale today unless otherwise specified):

Arkham Horror Shattered Aeons mythos pack (Thursday)
Axis & Allies & Zombies
Carcassonne Hills & Sheep expansion (Thursday)
Concept Kids: Animals (Thursday)
Dragon Ball Super Draft Box 3, Resurrected Fusion
Dungeon Mayhem (Friday)
Dungeons & Dragons core rulebook gift set (Friday)
Exit Pharaoh’s Tomb
Infinity Classified Objective Deck restock
Keyforge Call of the Archons starter set and archon decks (Thursday)
KMC perfect fits
Magic: the Gathering Game Night Suitcase, 2018 Gift Pack (Friday), Guilds of Ravnica guild kit restocks
Moomery (Thursday)
Onitama Way of the Wind (Thursday), line-wide restock
Pathfinder Docks and Warehouse flip-mats, Construct Builder’s Guidebook, Martial Arts Handbook, Return of the Runelords #4, War For the Crown pawn collection
Pok√©mon Salamence GX and White Kyurem GX special collections, fall 2018 collector’s tins (Friday)
Smash Up line-wide restock
Star Realms base game, Colony Wars, Command decks
Starfinder Hospital flip-mat, Signal of Screams #1
Visioo (Thursday)
Warhammer 40,000 Crasker Matterzhek, Nemesis 9 Tyrantis (Saturday), line-wide codex restock, various minor restocks (Thursday)
Warmachine new Crucible Guard releases (Friday)
Yu-Gi-Oh Hidden Summoners (Friday), Cybernetic Horizon, Soul Fusion restocks

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