New Products and Restocks: 12/31/2018 to 1/6/2019

Here’s this week’s list of high profile new products and restocks (on sale today unless otherwise specified):

New Items

Infinity Corregidor Bandits, Dakini Tacbots, Kaauri Sentinels, Kurgats (autocannon), Odalisques (spitfire), Zulu Cobra (jammer)
Munchkin Harry Potter deluxe


Braintopia Beyond and Kids (Friday)
Chessex line-wide dice restock, wet erase markers, 1″ reversible mega-mats and battle-mats (Friday)
Citadel Chaos Black spray primer, various layer paints (Friday)
Dixit line-wide restock (Friday)
Genesys line-wide restock (Friday)
Gloomhaven removable stickers (Friday), base game
Keyforge Call of the Archons archon decks (Friday)
Magic: the Gathering Battlebond, Masters 25 (Friday)
Mansions of Madness line-wide restock (Friday)
Marvel Legends Black Panther wave 1 (Friday)
the Mind
Mysterium Hidden Signs expansion (Friday)
Splendor Cities of Splendor expansion (Friday)
Transformers wave 1 boosters (Friday)
Unlock line-wide restock (Friday)
Warhammer 40,000 line-wide codex and start collecting restock (Friday)

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