New Products and Restocks: 1/28 to 2/3/2019

Here’s this week’s list of high profile new products and restocks (on sale today unless otherwise specified):

New Items

A Feast For Odin Norwegians expansion (Thursday)
Arkham Horror Circle Undone deluxe expansion (Thursday)
Pokémon Team Up (Friday)
Starship Samurai Shattered Alliances expansion (Thursday)
Yu-Gi-Oh Savage Strike (Friday)
Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team: Arena (Saturday)


Boss Monster (Thursday)
Citadel line-wide paint restock (Friday)
Coup (Thursday)
Dungeons & Dragons small Nolzur’s Marvelous miniatures restock (Thursday)
Magic: the Gathering Ravnica Allegiance theme boosters (Friday), Guilds of Ravnica theme boosters
Jaipur (Thursday)
NMBR 9 (Thursday)
Photosynthesis (Friday)
Root base game and expansion (Friday)
Terraforming Mars line-wide restock (Thursday)
Yu-Gi-Oh Speed Dueling starter decks (Friday)

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