New Products and Restocks: 6/05 to 6/11/2017

Here’s this week’s list of high profile new products and restocks (on sale today unless otherwise specified):

Akrotiri (Thursday)
Arkham Horror living card game Where Doom Awaits mythos pack (Thursday)
Army Painter spray primers (Thursday)
Captain Sonar (Thursday)
Cardfight: Vanguard Fighters Collection 2017 (Friday)
Chessex polyhedral dice sets and loose dice (Thursday)
Dungeons & Dragons starter sets (Thursday) and character sheets (Friday)
Infinity primarily Ariadna and Yu-Jing
Magic: the Gathering Commander Anthology (Friday)
Sea of Clouds (Thursday)
Sheriff of Nottingham (Thursday)
Warhammer 40,000 primarily Necrons and Space Marines (Thursday)
Yamatai (Thursday)
Yu-Gi-Oh! Maximum Crisis special edition (Friday)
X-Wing C-Roc Cruiser (Thursday)

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