New Products and Restocks: 7/2 to 7/8/2018

Here’s this week’s list of high profile new products and restocks (on sale today unless otherwise specified):

A Game of Thrones March on Winterfell chapter pack (Thursday)
Android: Netrunner Blood and Water, Council of the Crest, Creation and Control, Crimson Dust, and the Devil and the Dragon (Thursday)
Chessex line-wide polyhedral dice restock (Thursday)
Dragon Shield line-wide matte sleeves restock (Thursday)
Dungeons & Dragons starter set restock (Thursday)
Exploding Kittens line-wide restock (Thursday)
Infinity small restock (Thursday)
Jungle Speed (Thursday)
Legend of the Five Rings Tainted Lands dynasty pack (Thursday)
Nested Egg line-wide blank playmat restock
Pokémon Force of Nature GX premium collection (Thursday)
Race to the New Found Land (Thursday)
Specter Ops base game, Broken Covenant and Crossfire expansions (Thursday)
Star Wars: Destiny Way of the Force (Thursday)
Star Wars Roleplaying 30th Anniversary Edition (Thursday)
T.I.M.E Stories line-wide restock (Thursday)
Ultrapro line-wide deck protectors restock, small Eclipse restock (Thursday)

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