New Products and Restocks: 7/9 to 7/15/2018

Here’s this week’s list of high profile new products and restocks (on sale today unless otherwise specified):

Age of Towers base game and Winx expansion (Thursday)
Aristeia Soldiers of Fortune (Thursday)
Blood Bowl base game (Friday)
Carcassonne Bridges, Castles, & Bazaars expansion (Thursday)
Choose Your Own Adventure House of Danger (Thursday)
Codenames line-wide restock (Thursday)
Inis (Thursday)
Legend of the Five Rings Fires Within dynasty pack (Thursday)
Magic: the Gathering Core Set 2019 (Friday)
Mr. Jack (Thursday)
Shards of Infinity (Thursday)
Small World base game and Underground (Thursday)
Star Wars: Destiny Captain Phasma, Jyn Erso, and Luke Skywalker dice binders (Thursday)
Star Wars: Force & Destiny core book (Thursday)
Star Wars: Legion T-47 Airspeeder, Priority Supplies expansion (Thursday)
Warhammer 40,000 line-wide codex restock, Armiger Helverins (Friday)
Warmachine Aurum Lucanum Athanor Locke, Crucible Guard army box (Thursday)
Yu-Gi-Oh Codebreaker starter deck (Friday)

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