New Products and Restocks: 9/17 to 9/23/2018

Here’s this week’s list of high profile new products and restocks (on sale today unless otherwise specified):

A Game of Thrones LCG base game
Arkham Horror LCG base game
Aristeia Human Fate expansion (Thursday)
Before There Were Stars (Thursday)
Betrayal at House on the Hill (Thursday)
Catan line-wide restock
Citadel various spray primers (Friday)
Dead of Winter line-wide restock
Dungeons & Dragons Waterdeep: Dragon Heist restock (Thursday)
Future Card: Buddyfight Miracle Fighters: Miko & Mel and Superhero Wars Ω: Advent of Cosmoman restocks (Thursday)
Hail Hydra (Thursday)
Magic: the Gathering Creature Forge: Overwhelming Swarm (Thursday)
Pandemic base game, Legacy
Pathfinder Plane-Hopper’s Handbook, Return of the Runelords #2, Wizard’s Dungeon flip-mat, Desert classic flip-mat (Thursday)
Pokémon Dragon Majesty elite trainer box, Evolution Celebration tins (Friday)
Star Wars: Legion line-wide restock
Star Wars: X-Wing line-wide 2nd edition restock
Starfinder Against the Aeons #2, Ghost Ship flip-mat (Thursday)
Ticket to Ride base game, Rails & Sails
Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Battletome: Beasts of Chaos, Start Collecting: Beasts of Chaos (Saturday), various Battletomes and Start Collecting boxes
Warhammer 40,000 Canis Rex (Saturday), line-wide restock
Welcome to Your Perfect Home (Thursday)

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