Psst… We Give Free PDFs With Purchases For Many RPGs

Many of you have probably seen the little Bits & Mortar logo that’s been in the footer of our website for the last two years and wondered what it was. It’s actually a little known service we’ve been quietly offering for a long time. As it would happen, it’s a platform for us to get free PDF copies of RPG-related products for customers when they purchase those products from us. It doesn’t have support from many of the major publishers, but a staggering number of indie publishers use the platform to help customers support brick and mortar stores while still reaping the benefits of purchasing direct. Whenever you purchase a book from the likes of 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming, Bully Pulpit, Cubicle 7, Evil Hat, or Modiphius Entertainment (just to name a few), we may be able to get you a free PDF copy (emailed or downloaded to your thumb drive). You may be saying to yourself “but Redcap’s doesn’t really seem to carry much by those publishers”, and that’s true. We carry a fairly limited stock from most of these publishers, whose products tend to be a little more niche, but we can always special order these games for you, and–thanks to our account with Bits and Mortar–we can get you the PDF right away to sweeten the deal. Check out the full list of publishers on Bits & Mortar‘s site, and feel free to check with us about any product to see if we can get you a free PDF with purchase!

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Published by Benn Roe

Benn Roe is an avid gamer, and one of the owners of Redcap's Corner. His current go-to game is Smash Up.

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