Saying Goodbye to a Friend

For the last six years–nearly the entire time I’ve owned Redcap’s Corner–I’ve had the pleasure of working with a sales rep at ACD Distribution by the name of Joel Schlueter. I was told yesterday that he died in his sleep Thursday evening. Joel was as much my friend as he was my rep, and conversing with him was frequently a high-point of my work-day. The world feels heavier without him, and Redcap’s will have to carry part of that weight. As much as I wish that Adam and I, along with our staff and former partners, could take all the credit for Redcap’s successes, Joel deserves his share of it. His recommendations were always thoughtful, and often invaluable, and we are a better store and community for his input. On behalf of gamers all over Philadelphia, I’d like to extend our gratitude and condolences to his wife Tanya and the rest of their family.

Joel, I’m gonna miss you, buddy.

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Published by Benn Roe

Benn Roe is an avid gamer, and one of the owners of Redcap's Corner. His current go-to game is Smash Up.

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  1. I miss him so much. Every minute of every day. This is a lovely thing you wrote. Thank you.

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