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Grand Prix Trial: Las Vegas

Grand Prix Trials are Magic: the Gathering tournaments that feed into bigger Grand Prix events, held all over the world. This tournament is being held at our Powelton Village location, using the Modern banned list, and the winner will receive a two-round bye to Grand Prix: Las Vegas, held from May 28th to 31st. All players compete in the same event, and each player must have a Modern-legal deck in order to play. Grand Prix Trials use Competitive REL and have a Planeswalker Points multiplier of x3.

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Modern Masters Draft

In celebration of the release of Modern Masters 2015, we’re running a Modern Masters booster draft at our Powelton Village location, with a hard limit of 32 players. Players will be separated into four pods of eight players each, and are provided with the boosters necessary to play as part of their admission. This draft has a Planeswalker Points multiplier of x1, and uses three boosters of Modern Masters 2015 per player.
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2015 Regionals

Redcap’s Corner is proud to host Netrunner regionals for the third year in a row at our Powelton Village location this June! We’re now taking pre-registrations, so sign up now!

Prize Support

  • first-round bye at National Championships and trophy to 1st place
  • double-sided Edward Kim/Gagarin Deep Space identity card to the top 4
  • playmat, acrylic credit token set, and alternate art Gordian Blade card to the top 16
  • deck box to the top 32
  • alternate art Reina Roja card to the top 64
  • alternate art Pop-Up Window card to each player
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the Seelie Court 2015

This May, we’re hosting the third annual Seelie Court, a Pathfinder Society event spanning three days. Our autumn Unseelie Court is the more bread-and-butter convention, with Spring’s Seelie Court normally revolving around a theme. This year’s theme is the Aspis Consortium, so get ready to fight Pathfinder Society’s most notorious enemy at every turn! Advance registration is required, but is easily accomplished through the detailed schedule of upcoming events found here. Players can use any Pathfinder Society character at this event (of appropriate level for their table), or at their option use a pre-generated character. For low-level tables, players can choose to create a new 1st level character using the rules found in the Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play.

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