In the Grim Darkness of the 41st Millennium, There Is Only… Liberty? (and Hammers)

Last year Joe from PAGE ran an epic two-day 40K tournament to benefit the Free Library of Philadelphia. Players came out in droves to support the forces of order, chaos, or whatever it is those space elves believe in, and a good time was had by all (in the name of giving, no less)! This year, we continue that tradition with the second annual Libertyhammer! As with last year, we’ll be running 1000-point singles on Saturday and 1000-point doubles (2000 points per team) on Sunday, with a narrative format involving aligning with other players. In addition to a portion of proceeds from the admission fee from the event, we’ll be running a variety of raffles to support the Free Library, so there will be plenty of swag to be had by all.

To whet your appetite, we have two other 40K events happening in the lead up to Libertyhammer: an 1850-point tournament this weekend, and a unique narrative doubles tournament May 13th. Get those space dolls ready for war!

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Published by Benn Roe

Benn Roe is an avid gamer, and one of the owners of Redcap's Corner. His current go-to game is Smash Up.

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