the Fate of Konor

Beginning next week, Redcap’s will be participating in the global 2017 Fate of Konor campaign for Warhammer 40,000. The campaign runs for six weeks, with hobby/painting nights on Wednesday evenings and league play taking place on Thursday evenings. Entry in the campaign is only $5 and many small prizes will be awarded, with a variety of prize criteria. The campaign is perfect for helping to build an old or new army up to 2000 points using all the new 8th edition points totals and rules changes.

Army construction rules are simple: matched play rules at a point value determined by the week of the campaign. Each player will pick a faction for the league (using any faction keyword he or she likes), and will register one army list for the week. Lists can change each week, but each player’s faction must remain the same.

Points are awarded for game victories and for playing with a fully painted unit for the first time. Each week has a theme which will award double points for registered lists or newly painted units that include that criteria. Missions will be announced each Thursday morning for use that evening, and league games must be played Thursday evenings at Redcap’s to count. All points will be reported on the Fate of Konor website, contributing to global totals and affecting the outcome of the campaign!

Below are the points values and themes for all six weeks:

Week 1, July 27th: 1000 pts., Space Marines or contents of a Start Collecting box
Week 2, August 3rd: 1000 pt. doubles, elites
Week 3, August 10th: 1500 pts., tanks
Week 4, August 17th: 1500 pt. doubles, psykers
Week 5, August 24th: 2000 pts., fast attack or flyers
Week 6, August 31st: 2000 or 2500 pts., scenery or lords of war

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