Please Excuse Our Calendar

We’re in the process of heavily revamping our regular event line-up, and I’m taking the opportunity to make our calendar much, much easier to use by taking all of the clutter out of the descriptions and including comprehensive stat-blocks instead. Unfortunately, this transition hasn’t gone as smoothly as I would have liked, and our calendar is currently in an in-between state, which makes it difficult for me to list events without having to waste countless hours redoing them all later. I hope to have this resolved within a matter of days, but could really use help from someone who knows PHP much better than I do. If you’re relatively proficient with PHP and want to give us a hand, or know somebody who is, please get in touch (or have them get in touch) with me at and we will happily pay a fair rate for what should be a very easy project. In the meantime, please excuse the disorganized stat-blocks on our current special events, and please look at December’s recurring events to see what we’re currently running. We’ll unveil our line-up changes once the issues have been resolved.

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