From the Vault: Angels

Magic players, we still have a few copies of From the Vault: Angels for sale at each store, but in case they’re gone by the time you make it in, I have good news! We’ve saved a few copies to use as Friday Night Magic incentives. Both tonight and next Friday the 28th, we’ll be […]

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Moving Sale!

For those of you who haven’t heard yet, our Powelton Village location is moving soon. We’ll be closed from Saturday 8/29/2015 until we open back up at 3850 Lancaster Avenue, hopefully on 9/4/2015 or shortly thereafter. In the meantime, we’re having a moving sale!! Until closing on 8/28/2015 every physical product in the store is […]

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Congratulations Jack Wang!

For winning our Philadelphia Legacy Series tournament on Saturday! In addition to a mountain of store credit, Jack won two byes for Eternal Weekend this August. He battled through the Swiss rounds and Top 8 with an unusual Ad Nauseam Tendrils list running three copies of Sensei’s Divining Top. Check out the links below for […]

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